• Ibanez S520-TKS Electric Guitar
  • Ibanez S520-TKS Electric Guitar


Ibanez S520-TKS Electric Guitar

£439.00 £479.00

The S series is an integral part of Ibanez's catalogue. Incredibly popular for their thin and sleek body shape, these guitars are built purely with performance in mind, and the S520-TKS is no exception. With a super-fast Wizard III neck, Edge-Zero II double-locking locking tremolo system and high-output Quantum pickups, this instrument is a true shedding machine!


The S520-TKS has a Mahogany body, offering plenty of low-end thump and a warm mid-range, making up for its thin design. It still boasts plenty of top-end sizzle however, thanks to the brightness of its Maple neck, and a bolt-on construction can give your riffs lots of snap and clarity to punch through even the most frantic of mixes. 

Ibanez are notorious for their thin neck profiles, and the Wizard III carve will let you play fast, technical solos without hindrance. Topped with a Jatoba fretboard, this premium wood will feel sleek and smooth under the fingers, offering a nice, fluid-like feel.

Electronics and Hardware

A versatile set of Ibanez's high-output Quantum pickups will easily dish the dirt, boasting plenty of power and clarity. The potent-sounding bridge humbucker will deal with all the gain you can give it, with a crunchy and saturated tone that is perfect for metal. The Quantum neck humbucker will sound smooth and precise with distortion, amazing for lead playing but also clear and vibrant with clean settings.

Ibanez's Edge-Zero II double-locking tremolo system will keep this instrument in tune no matter how extreme your divebombs or flutters might be. With all hardware appointments finished in a sleek Cosmo Black, this modern-looking guitar will inspire you to play it for hours on end.


  • Neck: Wizard III Maple
  • Fingerboard: Jatoba w/ Off-set White Dot Inlay
  • Frets: Jumbo
  • Body: Mahogany
  • Neck Pickup: Quantum (H)
  • Bridge Pickup: Quantum (H)
  • Bridge: Edge-Zero II
  • Hardware Colour: Cosmo Black

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