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  • Yamaha PSR-E353 Portable Keyboard


Yamaha PSR-E353 Portable Keyboard


Keyboards are amazing - they can recreate the sounds of hundreds of different instruments at the touch of a button. Want the sound of a concert grand piano? No problem - just select it from the control panel. But to really make a grand piano, violin or any number of other sounds come to life, you need something called Touch Sensitivity.

On a real grand piano, pressing a key harder will make a louder sound; on a violin, bowing harder will make the note louder; on a snare drum, hitting the snare harder will make a louder sound.

This sensitivity is so fundamental to music and the ability to put expression into music, that we can forget it's there - but not all beginner keyboards feature sensitivity.

Great sound and versatile performance features.

With its 61-note touch sensitive keyboard, the PSR-E353 is a great instrument for both beginners and more advanced players

The PSR-E353 does. Thanks to its fully touch-sensitive keys, you can perform with all the expression you desire - making it a natural step when you upgrade to a digital piano in the future.

Touch sensitive keyboard for expressive control
573 high quality Voices
158 accompaniment Styles- real-time backing tracks for a wide range of music types
150 different arpeggio types for professional programmed effects
Nine-step lesson function (Yamaha Education Suite) helps beginners learn to play
Aux input with Melody Suppressor feature for instant backing tracks
Master EQ to adjust the sound to your personal taste
iPad/iPhone and computer connectivity options to expand your keyboard with software and apps

The PSR-E353 has easy-to-use onboard lesson functions for beginners and a touch-responsive keyboard that will satisfy experienced musicians. In addition to a library of 573 instrument voices and 158 backing styles from around the world, you can also connect an audio player to jam along with your favourite songs.

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