• Vox AC15CH (WB) Guitar Amplifier Head


Vox AC15CH (WB) Guitar Amplifier Head



  • "Normal and Top-Boost Channels
  • Each channel is equipped with its own Volume control
  • Tone Cut and Master Volume
  • VOX Classic Tremolo effect
  • 3 x 12AX7 preamp tubes
  • Pair of EL84 tubes
  • Newly designed attenuator that uses VOX’s Reactor Technology

With a sophisticated sense of design inspired by custom colour models of the 60s, this White Bronco finish will capture the hearts of enthusiast guitarists. The classic Diamond grille cloth beautifully offsets the vivid White hue of these amplifiers. The AC15, AC30 and V212C offer Celestion G12M Creamback Speakers.

Marked by this dignified colour, these models could only have been produced by VOX, with its rich history of sixty years.

Based on the design of the classic AC15, the new VOX AC15CH is now available as a set of amp head and cabinet. Featuring a new reactive attenuator, these AC custom series units provide even more flexibility for live performance or playing at home.

Amp heads and speaker cabinet that inherit the classic VOX look and sound
Just like the other amps in Custom Series, the AC30CH and AC15CH heads utilize 12AX7 tubes in the preamp and EL84 tubes in the power amp.

The V212C speaker cabinet completes the package and features two 12-inch Celestion CreamBack speakers for that classic British tone.

The Normal and Top Boost channels each have a dedicated volume control, and the Top Boost channel also provides Treble and Bass tone controls. In the Master section, there's the distinctive VOX Tone Cut and Master Volume that allow you to obtain a variety of sounds ranging from the extraordinarily sparkling VOX clean tone to a powerful, raw overdrive.

The familiar VOX Tremolo and Spring Reverb from the Custom Series are also found in the new AC30CH and AC15CH. These effects can be switched on/off using the optional VOX VFS2A foot switch.

What is a reactive attenuator?
This is a newly designed attenuator that uses VOX’s Reactor Technology to send speaker drive information to the attenuator, optimising the interaction of the speaker and amp at any volume. This allows the speaker and amp to behave in the same way at stage or bedroom levels, delivering a sense of power and tone that cannot be obtained from conventional attenuators.

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