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  • HH Red 15A Active Speaker

HH Red 15A Active Speaker

£305.00 £335.00


The RED-15A is a Compact and lightweight full range enclosure, which houses a powerful and reliable 400W Icepower Class D amplifier section which is partnered with dual mic/line inputs and a mini jack aux input giving you simple but useful input options.

The RED-15A is fitted with specifically designed HH Kevlar reinforced HH drivers which combined with the Icepower output section give you a performance which easily exceeds that of heavier and more expensive systems.

The RED1-15A is a truly flexible enclosure that can be pole mounted, floor standing, suspended or used in kickback monitor position to give a truly versatile system.


From the outset the RED-15A was designed to offer unbeatable price vs. performance.


The new HH RED enclosures– a truly modern sound designed to give you the best audio performance in a wide variety of applications from recorded playback to live music, front of house or monitor. It’s your choice.

HH RED – make your mix come alive!

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