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Hohner Big River Harp MS Harmonica

by Hohner
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Key: C Major

Picture yourself on a paddle steamer, leisurely drifting down the Mississippi. Bathed in sunlight, you gaze over the rail, accompanied by the harmonious sounds of music. The Big River Harp impeccably encapsulates the essence of the Mississippi delta—freedom and tranquility—hence its fitting name. This harmonica serves as the ideal launching pad for your initial forays into the realms of western, folk, or Nashville-style country music. 

Model: Big River Harp MS.
Series: Modular System.
Description: This attractive and robust instrument offers an ideal basis for beginners.
Sound: Diatonic.
Reeds: 20.
Reed Plate: Brass, 0.9mm.
Keys: C Major, D Major, E Major, F Major, G Major, A Major, Bb Major, B Major.
Comb: Plastic.
Case/Packaging: Plastic snap box.
Size: Length: 10cm.

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