• Kemble K121CL Silent Upright Acoustic Piano

Kemble K121CL Silent Upright Acoustic Piano

£7,414.00 £7,860.00

Voted ‘Best Buy’ by European consumer association Conseur, the K121 delivers a rich and resonant sonority. Its exceptional clarity of tone and superb sustain makes it a delight to play.

The power and projection of the K121CL’s bass, plus the crystal clarity of its treble, combine to make this instrument outperform others costing a great deal more. It represents extraordinary value to the discerning player.

  • Voiced and prepared in the UK for a traditional British tone
  • Available with Silent SH technology for silent practicing with headphones

General Specifications:

  • Voted ‘Best buy’ by Conseur, European consumer association
  • Braced back
  • Solid European spruce soundboard, ribs and back
  • High specification hammers
  • Kemble ‘softline’ case styling featuring a more substantial cabinet construction
  • Vacuum processed cast iron frame for greater structural strength
  • World class Yamaha action

Silent SH Model Specifications (apply only to models with SH Silent System):

  • The magnificent, sampled sound of Yamaha's world-beating CFX Concert Grand
  • Binaural Sampling: Dummy head recording technique used to capture the piano sound from a pianist's perspective
  • 19 Different Sounds
  • An incredible 256-notes for the ultimate, real piano experience
  • Massive memory for huge samples and multiple velocity layer
  • Record Audio data to standard USB devices in real time
  • Connect to your iPad® and use Apps such as PianoDiary to monitor your progress with daily recordings
  • Connect to computers and other MIDI-equipped instruments
  • Transfer recordings to PCs or other devices for sharing via USB
  • 2 Headphone Sockets: With two sockets you can practise with a friend or teacher
  • The built-in metronome helps you to play with accurate tempo
  • Transpose the pitch of the sampled sounds in semitone increments
  • Play along with an MP3 player or through your hi-fi

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