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  • Pre-owned Blackstar HT 60 Stage Valve Amplifier
  • Pre-owned Blackstar HT 60 Stage Valve Amplifier
  • Pre-owned Blackstar HT 60 Stage Valve Amplifier
  • Pre-owned Blackstar HT 60 Stage Valve Amplifier

Pre-owned Blackstar HT 60 Stage Valve Amplifier

£399.00 £749.00

Blackstar HT60 Stage 60 2x12 Combo Guitar Amplifier

"What a great buy!!" - Lewis (Guitar department) 

Footswitch included

The "HT Venue" Series of amps is the latest great design in Blackstar's line of amps. These medium-priced, medium-powered amps deliver performance that is every bit as pro as their premium Series One line. If you need a little more power than the award-winning HT5, or you're too worried to take your beloved Artisan on the road, the HT Venue series is for you! The perfect solution for the working musician.

As you probably know, Blackstar are famous for being able to create highly versatile tube amps at incredible prices. Most amps in this price range do one thing well, but the HT Venue amps deliver lush cleans, and great British & American drives effortlessly. Just check out the range of tones the Venue series can achieve in the video demo of the Stage 60 below.

The 60w 2x12" combo is enough to give you that edge over a hard hitting drummer, but still easy to get in the back of your car! Huge ground-shaking sound, multiple professional tones and supreme versatility and features at a price that is perfect for the working musician. We think this is a steal and it's bound to sell fast!


"It's difficult to think of a musical situation where the Stage 60 wouldn't cut it."
"If you like your clean sound with a gritty edge you'll find it here. The US voicing, on the other hand, stays cleaner at higher levels with a boost in the low end and (to our ears) a cut in the mid range that lends itself to crystal clean metal tones."
"Push some single-coils through and you've also got a spiky funk sound with extra attack. Both overdrive channels have voice switching too, plus a mid range EQ and the ISF control."

"Massive bang for your buck at a time when bean counting threatens to limit our gear spending. The 60 watts of valve power combined with the speaker configuration is perfect for a mixture of medium to large venues."
"The Verdict: This workhorse gigging amp will pay for itself"
Stuart Williams - Read the whole review in the April 2010 edition of Total Guitar

"[The HT Stage 60] looks smart, purposeful and way more expensive than its price tag might suggest."

"Both overdrive channels sound superb, with all the sustain and filth that we've come to expect from a Blackstar amp"

"Yes, there's plenty of competition in this price bracket, however, both the combo and head offer superb craftsmanship and solid robust electronics, combined with a tone and feature set that would give several boutique manufacturers a hard time."

"Aimed at hard-working amateurs or semi-pros but with the look, feel and reliability of top-flight pro equipment, we reckon the Stage amplifiers are likely to become the HT Venue range's most popular products."

Nick Guppy - Read the whole review in the June 2010 Edition of Guitarist Magazine

Here's what Blackstar say about the HT Stage 60 Combo

Whether you're looking for that classic British 'woody' tone or a tighter, more aggressive American sound, Blackstar's HT Venue Series delivers it all - and more. These tube equipped amps are packed with innovations and tone and versatile enough to deliver pure boutique cleans and ripping overdrives in one portable package - making them perfect for the working musician. Thanks to our unique Infinite Shape Feature (ISF) you can dial in the all tone you want, from British to American and anything in between.

At home on any stage, this portable 60W, three channel, 2x12" combo really holds it's own. Equipped with 2-way EQ plus ISF for overdive channels you can get real British bark or that big American bite with ease. Or, if you prefer, some sweet boutique cleans.

This unit also features a Voice switch for each channel, Presence, Resonance, Master Volume, digital reverb with dark/bright switch, effects loop and emulated output with 1x12/4x12 select switch. Loaded with Celestion speakers and supplied with a 4-way foot controller.


60 Watt valve combo
2xECC83, 1xECC82, 2xEL34
Three footswitchable channels
2x12" Celestion speaker
Enhanced tone controls
Patent-Applied-For Infinite Shape Feature (ISF)
Clean Voice switch
Overdrive 1 Voiceswitch
Overdrive 2 Voice switch
Master volume
Digital reverb with dark/bright switch
Speaker emulated output with 1x12/4x12 voicing
Effects loop with effects level switch
4-way footswitch included
Cool vintage styling

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