• Ritmuller R160 Salon Grand Piano


Ritmuller R160 Salon Grand Piano


Ritmüller 160cm / 5’3” SALON GRAND is a classic grand piano with spade legs and full music desk, bringing the very latest in music design and technology that fit easily in residential interiors. Quality components are used to craft this exquisite piano featuring a range of upgrades from entry level grand pianos including plate modification to accommodate new scales, new calculated string lengths and slow-close key-fall. With the same action and sostenuto pedal of a larger grand, this piano delivers comparable feel and performance.

Features include a resonant solid spruce engineered soundboard, light responsive action with sand-cast iron frame, German strings, vertically laminated maple bridge and synthetic ebony sharps.

The Ritmüller 160 SALON benefits from extra string length and a larger sound board area which adds greater depth of tone and performance.  Elegantly proportioned the SALON will bring classical ambience to your living room or have the projection needed for using in a school or small recital setting. 

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