• Ritmuller UP121RB Upright Acoustic Piano


Ritmuller UP121RB Upright Acoustic Piano


Perfected by master piano designer, Lothar Thomma, this traditional, professional studio upright with a stylized case brings the very latest in music design and technology to a highly functional, workhorse piano. Built to serve, the rounded arms and arm fronts, legs and complimentary toe block support the solid architecture. Specifications:* Action: Manufactured with traditional European craftsmanship. All wood parts are made from hard maple and precisely produced by advanced CNC digital machinery to ensure even touch.? Action Rail: Extruded aluminum. Backposts: Spruce. Bridges: Vertically laminated with solid maple cap creating the accurate and precise transfer of sound frequency vibration resulting in a purer tone. Fallboard: Slow close style. Hardware: Brass. Hammers: Specially selected hammer felt, with an excellent balance of elasticity and firmness, formed to produce a rich assertive tone. Key Bed: Butcher-block spruce. Key Material: Premium Spruce, select straight grain with genuine ebony wood sharps. Middle Pedal: Practice. Pinblock: 17 cross-plied laminations of hard rock maple, cold pressed and age cured to provide tuning pin stability. Plate: Sand-cast, CNC processed. Soundboard: All spruce, core assembled with vertical grain, crafted to provide maximum tonal response and structural integrity. Strings: German Röslau wire. Tuning Pins: Steel, cut thread, nickel plated to prevent rusting and maintain pin position.

Warranty: 10 year parts and labor.
Measurements: Height: 121cm
Weight: 273kg (Boxed) *Models and specifications subject to change.

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