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Tanglewood Auld Trinity TW OT 10

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Original price £279.00
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The Tanglewood “Auld Trinity” TW-OT-10 Dreadnought Acoustic guitar puts on display a captivating mahogany body combined with a solid spruce top, all elegantly enveloped in a satin finish. It's a true masterpiece from Tanglewood, inviting you to immerse yourself in a world of warm, resonant tones. With each note, you'll experience crystal-clear articulation, and your music will project gloriously to the far reaches of the room, creating a truly enchanting playing experience.

The timeless allure of the dreadnought shape has endured the test of time, offering a deep and heavenly soundscape. Anticipate expansive dynamics and full-bodied tonal qualities spanning the entire frequency spectrum, while exceptional clarity carries every chord you strum. The guitar's versatility knows no bounds, enabling exploration across various musical genres, all while basking in its beautifully rich and inviting tone.

SHAPE Dreadnought
TOP Solid Spruce
BACK Mahogany
SIDES Mahogany
BRIDGE Eboncore
STRINGS Bronze 12-53
FINISH Natural Distressed Satin
Full Specification TWOT10

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