• Tanglewood Discovery DBT SFCE OV
  • Tanglewood Discovery DBT SFCE OV


Tanglewood Discovery DBT SFCE OV


Although our Super Folk cutaway body style was quite revolutionary three decades ago, now it’s instantly recognisable as the archetypal Tanglewood electro acoustic guitar. This means we have to continually innovate with features and timbers, to remain relevant and inspiring for our playing family.

The Discovery Exotic Ovangkol model is a perfect interpretation of how we try and keep current and up to date with our designs.

We select clean, high grade Himalayan Spruce for our soundboards, an expensive option, but to our thinking it sets the tone for the whole philosophy of this luxury series.

We marry those tops to exotic Ovangkol timber and the results are quite stunning.

We get warm Bass notes, a great high note register, and thanks to the spruce tapered bracing, we get a truly memorable sound projection that players simply love.

Each instrument has an onboard EX4 EQ system and that makes them stage or studio ready, for those times it’s needed.

A great modern electro acoustic with a sincere touch of class.


SHAPE Super Folk
TOP Spruce
BACK Ovangkol
SIDES Ovangkol
BRIDGE Black Walnut
STRINGS Bronze 12-53
FINISH Natural Open Pore Satin
Full Specification DBTSFCEOV

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