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Tanglewood Enredo Madera Classical Guitar

Original price £139.00 - Original price £159.00
Original price £159.00
£139.00 - £159.00
Current price £159.00

Classical allure meets remarkable versatility in the Tanglewood EMDC1 Enredo Madera Dominar Electro Classical guitar, a true embodiment of classical charm and modern adaptability. This instrument seamlessly blends the world of nylon-string acoustics with built-in electronics, delivering a powerful and versatile classical guitar experience that's instantly recognizable.

With an authentic yet slightly streamlined feel, the EMDC1 retains all the distinctive character that defines classical guitars. It offers unrestricted classical tone, allowing you to take your music wherever inspiration strikes.

Built for exceptional performance, the EMDC1 boasts a classic and robust construction featuring spruce and mahogany. This combination not only exceeds expectations but also infuses your chords with a rich, mellow warmth, breathing life into your music. Whether you're a beginner, an intermediate player, or a professional on a budget, the EMDC1's fast and responsive nature ensures you'll find your path to true musical expression.

Furthermore, with Tanglewood's contemporary take on the classical body, a silky-smooth satin finish, and a slimmer 48 mm nut width, you'll experience extreme playability without compromising authenticity. The EMDC1 places limitless classical tone at your fingertips, allowing your musical creativity to thrive.

TOP Spruce
BACK Mahogany
SIDES Mahogany
BRIDGE Techwood
STRINGS Nylon Classical
FINISH Natural Satin
Size: 4/4
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