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Tanglewood Winterleaf TW10 E LH Electro-Acoustic

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Tanglewood upholds its tradition, unwavering in its commitment to delivering what discerning guitarists truly deserve. To ensure you experience the richness of a distinctive tone, the TW10 Winterleaf is equipped with a solid top. This feature bestows upon you a sound that grows in depth and richness as it ages. The more you play a solid top, the more it opens up, resonating with sonic richness, sweetness, and remarkable depth, offering an abundance of sonic nuances you may not have deemed possible.

Expertly crafted with a cedar top and a mahogany body, the Tanglewood Winterleaf delivers a captivating, dark warmth accompanied by rich overtones. It offers a genuinely distinctive tonal character, rich in resonance and upper mid-range. The mahogany body further enhances this TW10 Dreadnought, providing an endless wellspring of majestic warmth with a punchy, earthy disposition. It's a tonal profile that's full, rich, and beautifully melodic.

For those who desire a resounding presence, the Tanglewood TW10 delivers just that. Sporting a traditional dreadnought body, it exudes a bold, commanding, classic dreadnought tone, characterized by its richness and fullness. Built with a focus on exceptional responsiveness, it's perfect for delving deep into your creative pursuits.

The generous body size provides ample space for generating booming depth and rich resonances, whether you're jamming with fellow musicians or engaging in acoustic practice sessions. If you're passionate about picking and seek a responsive, melodic, and sonorous acoustic voice, your search ends here. This instrument possesses an incredible versatility that complements various picking styles. Playing the TW10LH is a comfortable, smooth, and delightful experience, and it grants you easy access to the highest frets and new melodic possibilities, thanks to its Venetian cutaway.



Left Handed Dreadnought Cutaway
TOP Solid Cedar
BACK Mahogany
SIDES Mahogany
BRIDGE Techwood
STRINGS Elixir Nanoweb 12-53
ELECTRONICS Tanglewood Premium Plus
FINISH Natural Satin
Full Specification TW10ELH
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