• Trevor James Horn '88 Alto Saxophone Outfit

Trevor James

Trevor James Horn '88 Alto Saxophone Outfit


"The new Trevor James Horn '88 offers the same classic warmth and breadth of tone of the standard gold lacquer model, but with a twist - the sound is more powerful and a fair bit brighter! If you are looking for a top student level horn but want to project more in your current outfit, then this could be the horn for you....." Jim@sax.co.uk

Why the Horn '88?
In 1988, the initial concept for a Trevor James saxophone followed on from the Worldwide success and popularity of Trevor James flutes. At that time there were very few quality brand name options for sax players which demonstrated a real need to develop a new, free blowing, high quality, well designed instrument.

The original idea was developed further leading to a full scale launch in 1990 of the original 'The Horn' saxophones at Pizza Express Jazz bar in Maidstone, UK .
We are therefore using the 25yr anniversary of the initial thought concept as the design seed for the new Horn '88. The instrument remains faithful to the design of the original 'The Horn' saxophone with some added visual and performance 'twists'.

New 'Champagne' gold frost finish.
The finish is a new water based coating which when baked becomes very hard.
*Gun rifled crook
The inside of the crook tenon has gun rifling to enhance the air flow and tonal dynamics. This is a big sounding horn!
*Octave key crook badge
Proudly sporting the Union Jack flag overlaid with TJ logo.
Smokey grey pearls.
A high quality shaped case with shoulder straps

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