• WHD Drum Screen
  • WHD Drum Screen
  • WHD Drum Screen
  • WHD Drum Screen

Gough & Davy

WHD Drum Screen


Suitable for those who set up their drum kit low, along with being a useful solution for reducing amplifier noise, this transparent enclosure is perfect for small venues, full band recordings and much more. Each panel is designed to deflect sound away from your audience, reducing the stage volume and allowing your band members to hear themselves better. It increases your music's separation, for ultimate control over the mix.

The clear perspex material means you can still see your fellow musicians. Communication with your band won't suffer, and you can remain a vital part of the music. Great for both the studio and live shows, the WHD Drum Shield gives you the control you need to make your music sound great.

Please note - Drums are not included.


  • Material: Acrylic 6mm thickness
  • Dimensions per Panel: 60cm x 120cm
  • Dimensions Overall: 300cm x 120cm
  • Hinges: Plastic
  • Panels: x5

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