• Yamaha APX500iii Electro-Acoustic Guitar in Natural
  • Yamaha APX500iii Electro-Acoustic Guitar in Black
  • Yamaha APX500iii Electro-Acoustic Guitar in Vintage Sunburst
  • Yamaha APX500iii Electro-Acoustic Guitar in Dusk Sun Red
  • Yamaha APX500iii Electro-Acoustic Guitar in Oriental Blue Burst

Yamaha APX500iii Electro-Acoustic Guitar

£315.00 £352.00


A stunning guitar for the beginner through to the professional player.

APX series guitars are designed with a focus on playability. Their thin bodies and cutaways that provide greater access to the upper frets, offer smoother switching between electric and acoustic instruments. The special APX bracing design delivers excellent response with a thicker mid and high range tone. Another plus, along with the APX's great playability, is its capability for smooth lead playing.

The new Mark III version of Yamaha's best-selling electro-acoustic guitar brings improvements to scale-length, neck width, back side and neck material as well as an upgrade to the electronics - the APX500III features System 66.

The APX's thin-line body combines incredible comfort, easy top-fret access and a sound perfectly suited to on-stage use with bright, clear mids, balanced highs and controlled lows. Specially designed non-scalloped X-type bracing allows the guitar’s top to sing and maximises the resonance of the unique body shape for a full, natural tone. With dynamics, sensitivity and clarity built into the design from day one, APX is a guitar not to be underestimated.

Body depth and Bracing pattern

The APX’s thin-line body offers incredible comfort, top-fret access, and a sound perfect for on-stage use. Specially designed non-scalloped X-type bracing maximises body resonance for full, natural tone. Their wide dynamic range, excellent sensitivity, and outstanding clarity make them impressive performers.

APX Soundhole: Oval

The instantly recognisable APX soundhole thickens lower-mid response and gives a more strident, open low end.

Electric System: System 66

System 66 features an under-saddle piezo pickup developed by Yamaha. Controls include a 3-band equalizer, an adjustable mid-range frequency control, and a precision chromatic tuner for optimum sound tailoring. The system is powered by easy to obtain AA-size batteries that provide a stable power supply for improved sound quality.

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