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  • Yamaha B3 SG2 Silent Piano in Polished Ebony
  • Yamaha B3 SG2 Silent Piano in Polished Mahogany
  • Yamaha B3 SG2 Silent Piano in Polished White
  • Yamaha B3 SG2 Silent Piano in Open-Pore Dark Walnut
  • Yamaha B3 SG2 Silent Piano in Satin Natural Cherry

Yamaha B3 SG2 Silent Upright Piano


Polished Ebony
Polished Mahogany
Polished White
Open-Pore Dark Walnut
Satin Natural Cherry

A good-sized piano, but that isn’t too large (it’s 121cm high), with a clear and singing tone. The action is light and responsive, so it’s a fantastic piano for a beginner with limited space. This one comes with a Silent System, so you can practise on it without disturbing others by using headphones. With the Silent System you’re still retaining the same feel since the hammers are still being thrown (just not striking the strings).

You can play with the great sound sampling from CFIIIS concert grand. Recording and playback functions are also available.
The introduction of the Yamaha b3 to the b series range sees it approach professional standards whilst remaining true to the b series' design philosophy of value and affordability.
Silent functionality has been added to this b3. This is an SG2 type type Silent piano™ featuring a CFIIIS sound source.

Width 152cm
Height 120cm
Depth 62cm
Weight 241kg

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