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Yamaha GC1 SH Silent Baby Grand Piano

by Yamaha
Original price £29,388.00 - Original price £29,388.00
Original price
£29,388.00 - £29,388.00
Current price £29,388.00

Introducing the Yamaha GC1 SH3, a refined rendition of the GB1 baby grand piano, now enhanced with the SH3 silent system.

Larger in size compared to the GB1, the GC1 boasts a resonant, deep tone complemented by the implementation of 'duplex scaling.' This technique optimizes the tuning of the 'non-speaking' string portions, resulting in a more robust and immersive musical experience.

Positioned between the GB1 and the C1X models, the GC1 offers an accessible choice for those in search of a compact yet high-quality grand piano. With the SH3 silencing system seamlessly integrated, it caters to musicians seeking the freedom to practice at any hour while exploring a diverse range of sounds.

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