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Yamaha U3S SH Silent Upright Acoustic Piano

by Yamaha
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£13,101.00 - £13,101.00
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Yamaha's U3 stands as the quintessential upright piano, serving as the gold standard for both practice and performance. It reigns supreme as one of the most renowned and universally recognized upright pianos worldwide. The Yamaha U3 graces the hallowed halls of schools, colleges, studios, performance venues, dance studios, private residences, and countless other settings across the globe.

Distinguished by its exceptional musical prowess, the U3 surpasses the U1 with a height increase of 10cm. This elevated stature grants it access to enhanced features, including a floating soundboard that augments resonance and the inclusion of a sostenuto pedal.

Standing tall at 131cm, the U3 possesses an expansive sound chamber, facilitating extraordinary power and projection. Its keys, akin in length to those found on grand pianos, offer a sublime touch characterized by delicacy and responsiveness.

For those seeking the utmost in versatility, the U3 is also available with Silent Technology, an innovation that permits silent play via headphones. This groundbreaking feature ensures that you can immerse yourself in music at any hour, day or night, without disturbing others. 

A piano you can play any time you want, with the natural touch of an acoustic grand piano. The new Silent Piano™ from Yamaha, offering enhanced Silent functions and an even richer sound.

An expansive soundboard and acoustic chamber give the 131 cm U3 extended power and projection, with the peerless tonal and expressive control of the legendary Yamaha action. Silent functionality has been added to this U3S. This is an SH-type type Silent piano™ featuring a CFX sound source.

Dimensions Width 153cm (60 1/4")
Height 131cm (51 1/2")
Depth 65cm (25 1/2")
Weight Weight 250kg(551lb)
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