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Casio AP-270 Digital Piano

Casio AP-270 Digital Piano

The Casio AP-270 digital piano is a modern looking piano, with sleek lines and an elegant profile, plus a stylish keyboard cover. It includes 19 instrument tones, including two high-definition European and American Grand Piano tones. There are also options to layer and split the tones as necessary. The piano has a powerful stereo amplification system, to play your masterworks to others, or for a private practice there is a headphone socket. The AP-270 has the Air sound engine, which delivers purity and dynamic presence. It also uses Tri Sensor II keyboard action, which creates a natural feel to the keys with simulated ebony and ivory texture. You can also connect your smart phone to the digital piano through the Chordana app. Overall, the Casio AP-270 digital piano is suitable for many genres of piano playing with its customizable tone and a wide dynamic range.

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