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Guitar Maintenance Tips For Beginner Musicians

When learning to play a new instrument, there is much more than meets the eye. Not only must you learn to play the instrument, how to hold it and store it, but you must also learn how to properly take care of it to ensure it stays in tip-top shape.

This is the same for all instruments, including guitars. The guitar is one of the most popular instruments out there as it is relatively easy to learn and is extremely versatile. 

Most genres of music can be played on a guitar, from heavy rock to classical, therefore making it a great first instrument.

Maintenance is relatively simple once you get the hang of it and as time passes, it will become second nature to you as a musician. 

Learning the basic steps of guitar maintenance and practising them from day one will help you form healthy habits and keep your instruments in great condition.

First is learning the proper way to store your guitar. If you do nothing besides storing your guitar correctly, it will thank you. Guitars can easily build up dust, become damaged and can be affected by heat, sunlight and water.

Storing your instrument correctly will help to protect it against any potential damage and keep it safe and in great condition for many years. 

A hard case is the best choice for storing a guitar as it provides a protective shell as well as keeps water and heat away from the instrument.

These are also perfect to travel with as they protect your guitar from accidental drops or bumps, however, they can be heavy and bulky therefore a simple carry bag is suitable most of the time.

When cleaning your guitar, you will find that regular cleaning is the best way to stay on top of the job. Wiping your guitar with a soft cloth after each use will help to prevent the build-up of dust and oils from your hands.

Preventing this build-up regularly will ensure your guitar stays in great condition, however, if you find that your instrument has started to look a little bit grimy, using a soft toothbrush or small cleaning brush is a great option too.

This will help to lift any build-up from the instrument without causing any damage and will get you back on track to having a sparkly clean guitar in no time.

The hardware on your guitar also needs to be maintained. These are the meal components of the instrument, such as the tuners, bridge and pickups.

Over time these may tarnish or even rust and screws can become loose or undone. Cleaning them regularly and checking the screws are tight enough without over tightening them is good practice.

Your guitar strings also require a little bit of love and attention in order to maintain great sound quality. Cleaning them after every use helps to prevent dust and dirt from clinging to the strings and replacing them as often as necessary will ensure your instrument stays sounding great.


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