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Is It Ever Too Late To Start An Instrument?

Is It Ever Too Late To Start An Instrument?

Most people who can play an instrument probably started taking lessons as a child, but this does not mean it is impossible to learn as an adult. 

One of the main reasons why many of us put off taking up a new instrument once we leave school is probably due to a lack of time, with job, parenting and social commitments often taking precedent. 

However, adults are just as capable to learn if they invest the same amount of energy, time and patience as children are expected to. This means practicing regularly and attending lessons weekly to keep up momentum. 

Dave Chadwick, director of the valley Brass Brand in Haydock, spoke to St Helen’s Star about trying to recruit new members of the group. He said: “It’s never too late to start and to try something new. It’s making that step through the door; that first step is really difficult.”

Once that first step has been taken, adults tend to find the rest falls into place, and they are able to pick up notes, chords and tunes quickly. Indeed, because they have chosen to pursue an instrument, they might be more disciplined, determined, and strict with their practice. 

Mavis Himes picked up the cello for the first time later in life, and had her doubts about whether she would be able to play as well as someone younger. 

Despite this, she noted: “In stark contrast to my days of piano studies imposed on me by my parents, I now dedicated myself to a daily practice on the cello that exceeded the time limits my teacher had advised.”

She now duets with pianists and is considering joining an amateur orchestra, The Strad revealed.

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