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Keep Kids Practising Music Over Christmas

Keep Kids Practising Music Over Christmas

Once the Christmas holidays arrive, most kids want to kick their uniform and books to the side and spend a couple of weeks playing with their new toys, and who can blame them?

While it is important to have a rest from school and enjoy time together as a family, it is also a good idea for them to keep practising their musical instrument, so they don’t fall behind in the new year.


  • Practice Christmas tunes

One way to encourage them to pick up their banjo guitar, piano or flute is to find Christmas music they could learn to play that is within their skillset. They might be too old for Away in a Manger or too cool for Silent Night, so why not try some pop tunes like Last Christmas or I Wish It Could Be Christmas Every Day?

They will think these are more fun to learn and could get everyone in the Christmassy mood when playing to the family during the holidays.


  • Make practice fun

Most of us get bored of repeating the same thing over and over again, so try to make practicing an instrument as much fun as possible, so they don’t see it as a chore.

For instance, you could find some games or activities online that they could do with their instrument, building up speed, motor skills and their ability to think on their feet.


  • Help them appreciate music

There are many opportunities to enjoy music over Christmas, whether you go to carol concerts, ballets, theatre productions, orchestral productions, band performances or even just friends’ parties. From classical carols to fun pop songs, there are many ways to appreciate music over the holidays – so drive this message home, making them understand that in order to perform like professionals, they have to practice like them.

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