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Welcome to our brand new website!

Welcome to our brand new website!

Hello, and welcome to our brand new, revamped website. Here you will find all our best-selling instruments and accessories, you can purchase online gift-cards and find information for all our services.

We have also updated our social media presence to tie-in with the new website. We now have a mailing list with which we can keep you updated on all new products and offers. We even have Instagram!

Our first website was started in 2008 with the purpose of giving Gough and Davy its first online presence. This website served its purpose but quickly became outdated. We decided to have a full revamp of our online store, providing an improved online experience that represented Gough and Davy better.

As part of this improvement we decided to give ourselves a slight re-brand. The heritage of Gough and Davy as a music retailer in Hull is something that has always been of upmost importance in how we present ourselves. You will notice our new Logo, which has been taken directly from the old Saville Street building, is actually the original Gough and Davy Logo from 1860!

So thanks for visiting our new website! Be sure to sign up to our mailing list for any updates and enjoy the new layout!

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