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What Instrument Would Suit My Child Best?

Parents who want their children to start learning an instrument need to first have a think about what instrument their child would enjoy learning the most. That way they are more likely to continue with it and not give up at the first reminder to practice. 


Child’s preference

The easiest way to choose an instrument is by first asking your child which one they’re interested in playing. You may discover your youngster has kept dreams of rocking out on a guitar close to their chest, or they would love to tinker on the piano, bang on a drum or be soulful on a saxophone. 

If they have something in mind, this makes it considerably more likely they will stick with it and enjoy learning how to play music. 


Age and size

There’s a reason why most children learn the recorder at school and not the bassoon, and this is partly down to their age and size. Smaller children cannot handle the weight and length of certain instruments, such as a French horn or cello. 

What’s more, very young kids may not have the co-ordination for some instruments, such as the guitar, as this requires them to hold down chords and pluck or strum at the same time.  


What is their personality?

There’s no point choosing an instrument that doesn’t fit with your child’s personality, as the chances are, they’ll give up. If your little one is outgoing, flutes, saxophones and trumpets are good choices, as they are loud and tend to be near the front of the band. 

Energetic kids might love drums, as long as they have the co-ordination to match. 

Of course, parents may prefer to get their child a digital drum to encourage them to practice regularly without disturbing the neighbours. 

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