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Crafter HD100/N Acoustic Guitar

by Crafter
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Introducing the HD-100/FS.N, a remarkable Dreadnought guitar crafted to deliver superior tone, enhanced playability, and enduring quality suitable for both seasoned musicians and aspiring players alike.

Crafted with an Engelmann Spruce Top, this guitar boasts remarkable responsiveness, excellent resonance, and rich tonal depth. The Mahogany Back & Sides contribute warmth, balanced tonal characteristics, and pronounced mid-range frequencies, enhancing the guitar's overall sonic profile.

The Mahogany Neck ensures stability, durability, and optimal transfer of vibrations, resulting in sustained notes and comfortable playability. The EboTech Fingerboard & Bridge offer exceptional durability, resilience to climate changes, and a smooth playing surface, allowing for effortless fretting and precision while playing.

Featuring Dot Position Marks on the Fingerboard Inlay, this guitar aids players in accurately navigating the fretboard, ensuring ease of play and improved fretting accuracy. The WD-112 Wood-look Decal Soundhole Inlay adds a touch of elegance to the guitar's appearance, complementing its natural aesthetics.

Equipped with Chrome Tuners, this guitar ensures reliable tuning stability, allowing players to maintain consistent tonal integrity during performances and practice sessions.

Fitted with Light gauge strings (.012 - .053), renowned for their balanced tension, vibrant tone, and ease of play, this guitar offers a comfortable playing experience suitable for various musical styles.

Presented in a captivating Satin / Open Pore Natural finish, the HD-100/FS.N showcases the natural beauty of the wood, enhancing its aesthetic appeal and classic look. With a scale length of 647.7mm (25.5 inches), this guitar offers comfortable playability and versatility for musicians across different skill levels.

The HD-100/FS.N Dreadnought guitar embodies quality craftsmanship, superior tonal characteristics, and reliable performance, making it an excellent choice for musicians seeking a versatile and enduring instrument for their musical endeavors.

BODY SHAPE Dreadnought
TOP Engelmann Spruce
BACK & SIDES Mahogany
NECK Mahogany
SOUNDHOLE INLAY WD-112 Wood-look Decal
TUNERS Chrome Tuners
STRINGS Light (.012 - .053)
COLORS Natural
FINISH Satin / Open pore
SCALE 647.7 ㎜ / 25.5 inches

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