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Encore 3/4 Size Classic Guitar Outfit ~ Natural

by Encore
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Encore Classic Guitars have consistently held a prominent position in the market, earning a sterling reputation as the foremost choice for student classical instruments. For numerous years, they have been the go-to brand for those embarking on their musical journey, especially young beginners eager to explore the enchanting world of classical guitar.

This approachable three-quarter size guitar, designed with the budding musician in mind, offers the perfect gateway to commence the captivating journey of learning classical guitar from a tender age. With its user-friendly features and accessible dimensions, it serves as an excellent stepping stone for aspiring artists to nurture their musical talents.

Encore Classic Guitars have long been synonymous with reliability and quality, making them an ideal choice for students seeking a trustworthy instrument. The three-quarter size design strikes a harmonious balance between comfort and playability, making it easier for young learners to embrace the fundamentals of classical guitar and ignite their passion for music from the outset.

In essence, Encore Classic Guitars stand as a testament to their enduring legacy in the music education realm, offering young musicians a perfect starting point to embark on their musical odyssey with confidence and enthusiasm.

Outfit includes: 
• Encore Classic Guitar 
• Guitar Carry Bag 
• Encore Set of Strings 
• Pitch Pipe 
• Tutorial DVD

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