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Kawai DG30 Digital Grand Piano

by Kawai
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If you're in search of a high-quality piano instrument ensconced in a captivating mini-grand cabinet, the Kawai DG30 could be precisely what you've been seeking! With its superb sound and an exceptionally responsive hammer-action RHA3 keyboard, the DG30 not only looks the part but plays it too. This model boasts the latest Bluetooth MIDI and AUDIO capabilities, enabling seamless wireless connections to your favorite music-making apps.

The DG30 beautifully embodies the voice of the Shigeru Kawai SK Concert Grand piano, a favored choice among concert pianists performing on some of the world's most esteemed stages. The fusion of the RH3 keyboard and the Shigeru Kawai Concert Grand voice ensures that the DG30 offers an absolute delight to play.

In addition to a diverse array of acoustic piano voices, the DG30 boasts an impressive collection of 355 distinct instrument voices, encompassing electric pianos, organs, clavinets, strings, choirs, synth sounds, basses, brass, woodwinds, and even drum kits. This comprehensive selection provides all the instrumental versatility needed to craft your compositions, complemented by the onboard 16-track recorder.

The DG30 enables you to layer any two voices across the entire keyboard for captivating textures, like piano and strings or choir and organ. Furthermore, it facilitates keyboard splitting, allowing distinct voices in the upper and lower registers.

Digital Effects for Professional Artistry:

Equipped with an onboard digital effects processor, the DG30 introduces captivating ambient reverb effects and classic studio effects like chorus, phaser, rotary speaker, wah, and more. These effects can elevate your sounds to a professional level, with the option to save your preferred sound/effect combinations to a registration memory for swift recall.

Comprehensive Onboard Recording:

Setting itself apart from most pianos in its price range, the DG30 boasts a 16-track recorder. This capability enables you to record complex compositions featuring up to 16 different sounds or instruments, including drums. Whether creating pop music or intricate orchestral scores, your masterpieces can be saved in the internal memory or on a USB memory device, compatible with most computers, smartphones, and tablets.

Metronome and Drum Rhythms:

The DG30 offers not only a standard metronome for traditional practice but also 100 drum rhythms that make practice more engaging. Covering a wide range of music genres, including Pop, Rock, Jazz, Funk, Disco, Latin, Ballroom, and World music, these rhythms add a fun dimension to your practice sessions.

Seamless Wireless Bluetooth Connectivity:

Leveraging full wireless Bluetooth connectivity, the DG30 lets you unlock even more musical potential. Utilize Bluetooth audio to stream play-along backing tracks from platforms like YouTube, while Bluetooth MIDI facilitates direct communication with portable devices, enhancing your experience with educational apps like FlowKey and Piano Tutor. You can also use Bluetooth to record your performances directly into PC/MAC applications such as Garage Band and Sibelius.

Grand Feel Pedal System:

The DG30 features three pedals—damper (sustain), soft, and sostenuto—which function akin to the pedals on an acoustic piano. The Kawai Grand Feel Pedal System meticulously replicates the individual weighting of these pedals, emulating the experience of a Kawai EX Concert grand piano and enhancing the authenticity of the acoustic piano feel.

Immersive Speaker System:

Equipped with a four-speaker system comprising two 13cm speakers and two 10cm speakers, the DG30 is powered by a robust 2 x 20w amplifier, ensuring a rich and immersive auditory experience.



  • Beautiful Grand Piano style cabinet 
  • Responsive Hammer III action with grade-weighted keys, counterweights, triple-sensor system & let-off simulation
  • Progressive Harmonic Imaging sound technology with 88-key stereo sampling
  • Grand Feel Pedal System
  • Bluetooth MIDI and Audio functionality

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