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Kawai K800 AS Upright Piano

by Kawai
Original price £11,555.00 - Original price £11,555.00
Original price £11,555.00
£11,999.00 - £11,999.00
Current price £11,999.00

The Kawai K-800 AS stands as a superb upright piano, renowned for its remarkable versatility, making it a prime choice for various settings such as schools, studios, auditoriums, or more intimate venues. With Kawai's innovative True Sostenuto pedal, the K-800 AS delivers enduring and exceptional performance.

This beautiful instrument possesses the capability to both satisfy and challenge advanced pianists while simultaneously inspiring budding musicians. Offering outstanding tonal quality, responsive touch, and performance, the Kawai K-800 AS serves as a fantastic alternative for those who may not have the space for a grand piano.

The new Kawai K-800 AS represents a powerful and exceptional upright piano, characterized by its elegant design and remarkable tonal qualities, making it a perfect fit for any setting. Crafted to the highest standards, this model features the exclusive Millennium III upright action with ABS-Carbon composites, full duplex scaling for both upper and lower registers, and extended keys with NEOTEX key surfaces known for their exceptional durability, resisting cracking or fading even with sustained use. Additionally, this model boasts double felted, mahogany core hammers.

Enhanced with thoughtful design elements such as a soft lid fall, an expanded music desk, a grand-style "hard finish" music rack, and a sleek straight-edged cabinet, the K-800 AS not only performs admirably but is also aesthetically pleasing, making it suitable for various environments.

Furthermore, the Kawai K-800 AS incorporates agraffes to ensure precise string alignment and spacing, resulting in greater sound uniformity and enhanced tonal clarity. Its inclusion of Kawai's True Sostenuto pedal allows pianists to sustain selected notes while leaving the rest unaffected, setting the Kawai K-800 AS apart as an extraordinary instrument capable of rivaling many grand pianos. Developed for its exceptional touch and tone, the Kawai K-800 AS consistently delivers excellent tonal quality and performance, meeting the highest expectations of pianists.


• Exclusive Millennium III Upright Action with ABS-Carbon Composites • Agraffes • Full Duplex Scale (Upper & Lower) • Royal George Hammer Felt • True Sostenuto Pedal (AS) • Grand-Style “Hard Finish” Music Rack • NEOTEX Key Surfaces • Double Felted, Mahogany Core Hammers

Action Millenium III
Key NEOTEX surface, non-lead key weight adjust
Fallboard "Soft Fall" Fallboard
Hardfinish yes / music rack
Tone spreader yes / upper and lower panel
Soundboard Spruce, tapered
Back post 6
Sound rib 12
Agraffe yes
Duplex scale yes, for/back
Caster typ double
Lock yes
Size in cm (HxWxD) 134 x 153 x 65
Weight in kg 284

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