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Ritmuller RS-122 Acoustic Piano

Original price £5,199.00 - Original price £5,199.00
Original price
£5,199.00 - £5,199.00
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For the connoisseurs of music, the RS 122 is the ultimate choice, embodying a discerning taste for excellence. This piano exudes a distinct European character, meticulously crafted to meet traditional European standards, thus delivering unmatched flexibility and a commanding, powerful sound.

The inclusion of a soft-close keyfall enhances the overall playing experience, infusing an element of grace and refinement into every note. With dimensions measuring Height: 122cm, Width: 150cm, and Depth: 62cm, this instrument stands as a testament to both its grandeur and precision.

The RS 122 promises a musical journey that resonates with the true essence of European craftsmanship, offering a soulful and expressive performance that will captivate the hearts of music lovers. Whether in the cozy intimacy of a home or the hallowed halls of a concert venue, this piano shines as the epitome of elegance and sonic excellence.

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