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Tanglewood TWB 18 M4 Tenor Banjo

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With a nod to the time-honored tradition of crafting bespoke folk instruments in the Southern states of America, Tanglewood Banjos are meticulously handcrafted in authentic, period-specific designs. This commitment to tradition and authenticity empowers players of all skill levels to discover their ideal banjo, perfectly aligning with their specific needs, be it in terms of specifications or price.

The Union series of banjos by Tanglewood has been expertly tailored to cater to the requirements of both entry-level and intermediate players, offering a level of features and quality that stands out amidst their industry peers.

Key Specifications:

  • TYPE: 4 String Tenor Banjo
  • TUNING: C, G, D, A
  • BRACKETS: 18
  • RESONATOR: Crafted from Maple
  • SIDES: Also constructed from Maple
  • FINGERBOARD: Techwood
  • BRIDGE: Maple with Ebony tip
  • HEAD: Remo Ivory
  • FINISH: Natural Gloss
  • Nut Width: 32mm
  • Width at the 14th Fret: 38mm
  • Neck Thickness at 1st Fret: 21mm
  • Neck Thickness at 10th Fret: 22mm
  • Scale Length: 577mm
  • Resonator Depth: 38.5mm
  • Resonator Diameter: 355mm
  • Overall Length: 855mm

Tanglewood Banjos encapsulate the spirit of Southern American craftsmanship, offering a harmonious blend of tradition and quality, thereby making them an ideal choice for musicians at every stage of their journey.

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