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Trevor James 5X Flute Outfit

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The Trevor James 5X Piccolo Outfit, identified by the code 3TP5, presents an excellent option for both new piccolo players and established flute enthusiasts seeking a user-friendly, affordable, and free-blowing instrument. Recognizing the challenges that flute players may encounter when transitioning to the piccolo, Trevor James has crafted this piccolo with a focus on ease of play and sound quality.

This piccolo stands out with its thin-wall headjoint, featuring a shaped and angled lip plate, ensuring effortless playability and delivering a full, resonant sound across the entire range.

Key Features:

  • Composite material headjoint
  • Composite material body tube
  • Thin-wall headjoint with a carved lip
  • Silver-plated mechanism
  • A=442 pitch
  • Includes a wooden case, case cover, cleaning rod, and cloth

The Trevor James 5X Piccolo is the perfect choice for those looking for a piccolo that marries ease of play with impressive sound quality. With this instrument, players can confidently embrace the world of piccolo music.

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