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Buying Your First Guitar

Buying Your First Guitar

Whether you’re already a seasoned musician looking for something new and exciting to play such as a banjo guitar or are trying your hand at playing for the first time and simply need a reliable classical, buying a new instrument, especially your first guitar can be an extremely exciting step in your musical journey.

First, you'll have to make the decision between an electric or an acoustic guitar. While you may already have an idea of the instrument you want to play, it is important to consider that as a beginner an acoustic guitar may be easier to practise with while you learn the basics.

A nylon-stringed classical guitar is probably the best option for an absolute beginner as the strings can be less harsh on the fingers and learning to play can be much easier. This gives you the ability to practise well before investing in something more challenging.

However, if electric is what your heart desires there is no reason, other than ease, that you shouldn't take the plunge and purchase an electric guitar as your first.

Guitars come in many sizes and shapes so it's important you look at a variety when purchasing your first guitar. This allows you to figure out what size and shape you are most comfortable handling and what your stylistic preference is.

The great thing about instruments is that they come in an abundance of colours and designs so there will almost always be something that suits your style meaning you can express yourself visually while you express yourself musically.

There is a huge range of affordable, beginner-friendly options out there so finding a guitar within your budget shouldn’t be difficult. Make sure you take the opportunity to shop around and see what different guitars are on offer before settling on one as you may find that you discover something more suitable along the way.

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