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The Differences Between Learning Keyboard And Piano

When choosing what instrument to learn, lots of people gravitate towards learning how to play either the keyboard or piano. Here we look at the differences between the two to help you decide which to choose. 


Weighted keys

Pianos used to be the standard instrument most children start with, whereas keyboards were the electronic alternative that often came once they were skilled piano players. 

The main difference between the two is that pianos have weighted keys. This is good for helping to build up strength in the fingers. If you think you’ll want to play the piano in the future, it is wise to either start with one or find a digital piano with weighted keys, so you get used to the feel of them. 


Precise playing

While learning the piano will develop skills in playing with weighted keys, a keyboard will teach you how to be very precise. If you happen to touch a wrong note, this cannot be as easily disguised as it would when playing a piano. Therefore, you learn how to hit the right notes faster than you would with a piano. 


Number of keys

Keyboard sizes can vary, but all standard pianos are the same. They come with 88 keys, giving players a full range of notes. However, some keyboards have fewer keys than this, which means they won’t be able to play as many pieces that use very high or low notes.

It is best to get a keyboard with at least 72 keys to play a wide variety of music. 


The sound 

It might also come down to the sound of the instrument. Pianos have strings that vibrate in harmony, which results in the unique, beautiful sound of the piano. 

As it an acoustic instrument, each note is amplified and reverberates. This makes it a better choice for classical, jazz and blues music. 

However, some people prefer the modern sound of keyboards, which are featured more in contemporary tunes. At the same time, you can play the keyboard with backing tracks or change the sound of the instrument, keeping learning interesting. 

What’s more, their volume can be turned lower or higher as well as plugged into earphones, so could be a better choice for busy households that can’t cope with too much extra noise. 



Pianos need regular tuning in order to remain in good condition. Temperature, humidity, and environmental changes can cause pianos to become out of tune over time, so owners need to have them professionally tuned every so often. 

In contrast, maintenance for keyboards is much simpler, as these do not need to be tuned. 



If you buy a piano, you’ll need the space to put it. Not only are they bulky, but they are heavy, so once it is in its place, it is likely to remain there indefinitely. This means you or your child will have to practice in the same room every time, which could cause a problem if other people need to use the space. 

Keyboards, on the other hand, are lightweight and portable, so practices and performances can take place anywhere. This could be a better option for homes with lots of people, as it is easy to pick up the instrument and move if need be. 

It also means players can use their own instruments for shows, instead of having to rely on pianos already in the venues. 

If you settle on playing classical piano and find you love the lessons, you may want to start looking for an acoustic piano for sale so you can enjoy your hobby at home whenever you want

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