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NEW Kawai DG-30 Digital Grand Piano

NEW Kawai DG-30 Digital Grand Piano


Kawai have just brought out their DG-30 Digital Grand piano. It gives the touch, sound and appearance of a grand piano at an affordable price.


This digital instrument has a depth of only 87cm, allowing a perfect fit for most rooms. It comes in a beautiful polished ebony finish and silver-chrome fittings, looking very smart and modern. The lid can also be propped up to give a stunning view of the polished wood soundboard with a traditional rim braid.

The 88-key keyboard has an ivory touch and triple-sensor key detection. It has a responsive hammer action with graded hammers and counterweights. All of these allowing the digital piano to replicate an acoustic instrument, but taking up less room and having many more features.

There is a 4-speaker output system to fill the room with elegant music. It has an array of inbuilt sounds, including various pianos, organs, strings and brass. There are 355 sounds to choose from, and multiple effects including delay, phaser and chorus to enhance your sound.


The Kawai DG-30 is an amazing instrument, with plenty of ways to adapt the instrument to suite you. From Bluetooth compatibility, a range of sounds, and even a lesson function. This digital piano could find it's way into your home.


Order yours at: G&D Kawai DG-30 Digital Baby Grand Piano – Gough & Davy (

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