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Admira A8 Classical Guitar

by Admira
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The Admira A8 embodies a timeless blend of a Solid Cedar top and Indian Rosewood back and sides, ensuring a resonant, full-bodied tone. The A8 showcases a Mahogany neck with Indian Rosewood reinforcement, an Indian Rosewood fingerboard, and gold machine heads, all impeccably finished in a radiant high-gloss sheen.

Setting itself apart in construction, the A8 incorporates the revered Spanish heel neck joint, heralded as the zenith of guitar craftsmanship. This intricate joint, though notably more intricate than a glued neck, bestows sonic rewards that undeniably validate the painstaking craftsmanship. When crafting a guitar with a Spanish neck, both the neck and headblock are expertly carved from a singular piece of wood, exemplifying precision and artistry.

Our Handcrafted guitars epitomize excellence, seamlessly marrying the finest quality materials, visionary designs, and time-honored manufacturing techniques, all meticulously executed by our highly skilled and impassioned Spanish-trained luthiers. These artisans unwaveringly employ traditional handcrafting methods, resulting in guitars that resonate with exceptional tone, unrivaled clarity, and an expansive range of expressive capabilities.


ADM08 ‘A8’ Classical - The classic combination of Solid Cedar top and Indian Rosewood back and sides ensure a full-bodied, rich tone. The A8 features a Mahogany neck and an Indian Rosewood fingerboard and gold machine heads and is finished in high-gloss.

4/4 Size, Solid Cedar Top, Indian Rosewood Back & Sides, Mahogany Neck, Indian Rosewood Fingerboard, Indian Rosewood Bridge, Lyre Gold M/Heads

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