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Admira F4 Flamenco Classical Guitar

by Admira
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The Admira F4 Flamenco guitar boasts a traditional solid spruce top, which endows it with a clear and commanding tone that mellows and matures gracefully with time. Its tonal qualities are further enhanced by the Cypresswood back and sides, coupled with a reinforced neck for durability and stability.

The F4's construction is a testament to the artistry of guitar craftsmanship, featuring the revered Spanish heel neck joint—an intricate and highly evolved connection in guitar construction. While notably more complex than a glued neck, the sonic rewards it bestows make the effort well worthwhile. When crafting a guitar with a Spanish neck, both the neck and headblock are meticulously carved from a single block of wood, exemplifying precision and artistry.

Our Handcrafted guitars represent the pinnacle of excellence, seamlessly merging the finest quality materials, visionary designs, and time-honored manufacturing techniques. These instruments are painstakingly crafted by our highly skilled and impassioned Spanish-trained luthiers, who steadfastly employ traditional handcrafting methods. The result is guitars that resonate with exceptional tone, unparalleled clarity, and an expansive range of expressive capabilities. 


ADMF4 ‘F4’ Flamenco - With a traditional solid spruce top that gives the guitar a clear and powerful tone whilst also improving with age, complemented with flamed maple back and sides and reinforced neck.
4/4 Size, Solid Spruce Top, Flamed Maple Back & Sides, Mahogany Neck with rosewood reinforcement, Ebony Fingerboard, Lyre Gold M/Heads

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