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Aulos Descant Recorder 205A Robin

by Aulos
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The Aulos 205A Descant Recorder stands out as one of our best-selling instruments, a top choice for schools, colleges, and students of all ages. It holds the title of the quintessential school recorder, distinguished by several design attributes that ensure its reliability, consistency, and exceptional affordability.

Aulos has patented their innovative 'cavity wall' design, endowing each recorder with remarkable qualities. Not only is it lightweight, a boon for younger players, but it also exhibits remarkable strength and durability.

This three-piece instrument adheres to the classic design, comprising the head, body, and foot, which facilitates straightforward cleaning. Additionally, it arrives with a dedicated cleaning rod and a protective yellow corduroy bag for safe storage.

Key Features:

  • Aulos 205A Descant Recorder
  • Popular choice for schools, colleges, and students
  • 'Cavity wall' design for lightness, strength, and durability
  • Three-piece design for easy cleaning
  • Includes cleaning rod
  • Comes with a yellow corduroy bag for protection during storage

The Aulos 205A Descant Recorder ensures an exceptional playing experience with enduring quality and value.

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