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Broadway MK11 Self-Playing Baby Grand Digital Piano

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£10,995.00 - £11,995.00
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Colour: Polished Black

The MK11 is the piano of choice across the UK's diverse hospitality landscape, gracing Restaurants, Hotels, Shopping Centres, Bars, Pubs, Cafes, Nursing and Care Homes, Retirement Homes, Golf and Spa Resorts, as well as finding a cherished place in many homes.

This remarkable baby grand digital piano is a unique masterpiece. Not only can it be played in the traditional manner, but it possesses the extraordinary capability to play autonomously – keys gracefully moving up and down on their own accord. The versatility of this instrument knows no bounds, as it can be seamlessly connected to a PC or iPad. Furthermore, it can be conveniently programmed remotely with the included control. With an extensive library boasting thousands of preloaded songs spanning various genres such as classical, jazz, blues, pop, rock, gospel, ragtime, and much more, you can even expand your repertoire by downloading additional music from the internet.

Simply switch on the piano, sit back, and be captivated as it effortlessly serenades you with melodies. The keys themselves mimic the motions of an invisible pianist, a captivating visual spectacle.

The MK11's dual nature as both a self-playing instrument and a traditional piano makes it an ingenious choice, especially for restaurants seeking a delightful musical backdrop that is sure to turn heads. By eliminating the need for a pianist, it offers cost-effective solutions without compromising on musical quality.

With an extensive built-in library comprising over 1,000 popular songs across various genres, including classical, jazz, blues, pop, rock, gospel, ragtime, and more, the MK11 ensures continuous playback without interruptions. Should you wish to serenade your guests with personalized favorites not in the preloaded library, you can even download select music onto the SD card, granting the piano the ability to perform your chosen pieces.

What's more, the MK11 comes equipped with a user-friendly remote control. This allows you to discreetly accept song requests from your guests, swiftly select and play their chosen tune with a simple press of the select/play button. It's like magic, and it ensures an unforgettable musical experience for everyone.

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