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Casio GP310 Grand Hybrid Digital Piano

by Casio
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Current price £2,499.00

Casio GP310 Grand Hybrid Digital Piano: A Symphony of Excellence

In the world of pianos, the Casio GP310 stands apart as a masterpiece of engineering and artistry. This instrument isn't just inspired by grand pianos; it embodies the very essence of a grand piano. Lift the lid, and you'll witness hammers in graceful motion, a testament to the meticulous craftsmanship behind every note.

The Pinnacle of Authenticity

The GP310 doesn't just mimic the grand piano experience; it authentically replicates it. It features a full grand piano action mechanism that mirrors the touch and feel of a grand piano. The attention to detail is evident in every aspect of the GP310.

Sound Perfected in Berlin, Hamburg, and Vienna

The soul of the GP310 lies in its sound, derived from three of the world's most renowned grand pianos in Berlin, Hamburg, and Vienna. Each note resonates with the unwavering commitment to achieving sonic perfection.

Key Features That Set It Apart

  • Crafted in Harmony with C. Bechstein: The GP310 is a product of meticulous collaboration with C. Bechstein, a name synonymous with piano excellence.

  • Authentic Touch and Feel: It boasts an authentic grand piano action and keys, ensuring that your playing experience is nothing short of genuine.

  • Room-Filling Sound: Equipped with a six-speaker array, the GP310 envelopes your surroundings with a rich and immersive sound, recreating the ambiance of a concert hall.

colour: Black

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