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Crafter GAE 7/N Electro-Acoustic

by Crafter
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Introducing the GAE 7/N, a Grand Auditorium guitar meticulously designed to deliver exquisite tone, exceptional playability, and remarkable craftsmanship, catering to the discerning needs of musicians seeking superior quality.

Featuring a Solid Cedar Top, this guitar resonates with warmth, depth, and a responsive character, delivering a rich and expressive tonal palette. The Mahogany Back & Sides complement the Cedar top, offering balanced tonal properties, a pronounced mid-range, and a full-bodied sonic presence, enhancing the guitar's overall sound profile.

Crafted with a Mahogany Neck, this guitar ensures stability, durability, and optimal transfer of vibrations, contributing to sustain, resonance, and comfortable playability. The Rosewood Fingerboard & Bridge provide a smooth playing surface, facilitating effortless fretting and precise articulation while playing.

Adorned with Abalone Dot Position Marks on the Fingerboard Inlay, this guitar assists players in navigating the fretboard accurately, ensuring ease of play and improved fretting accuracy. The White Shell Soundhole Inlay adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to the guitar's appearance, complementing its natural aesthetic.

Equipped with Deluxe Chrome Tuners featuring an 18:1 gear ratio, this guitar offers precise and reliable tuning stability, ensuring consistent and accurate tuning for both practice sessions and performances.

Embedded with LR-T NX (LCD Tuner) Preamp and L.R. Baggs Element Pick-up electronics, this guitar delivers enhanced amplification capabilities, allowing players to effortlessly amplify their performance while retaining the instrument's natural acoustic characteristics.

Strung with D'Addario EXP-16 (.012 - .053) strings renowned for their balanced tension, durability, and vibrant tonal clarity, this guitar offers a comfortable playing experience suitable for various playing styles and musical genres.

Presented in a stunning Gloss Natural finish, the GAE 7/N exudes elegance and showcases the natural beauty of the wood, adding to its aesthetic appeal. With a scale length of 647.7mm (25.5 inches), this guitar provides comfortable playability and versatility for musicians across all skill levels.

The GAE 7/N Grand Auditorium guitar embodies superior craftsmanship, exceptional tonal characteristics, and reliable electronics, making it an excellent choice for musicians seeking a high-quality, versatile, and expressive instrument for their musical pursuits.

BODY SHAPE Grand Auditorium
TOP Solid Cedar
BACK & SIDES Mahogany
NECK Mahogany
FINGERBOARD INLAY Abalone Dot Position Mark
SOUNDHOLE INLAY White shell Soundhole Inlay
TUNERS Deluxe Chrome Tuners (18:1)
ELECTRONICS LR-T NX (LCD Tuner) Preamp with L.R. Baggs Element Pick-up
STRINGS D`Addario EXP-16 (.012 - .053)
COLORS Natural
SCALE 647.7 ㎜ / 25.5 inches

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