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Encore 3/4 Classical Guitar

by Encore
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This three-quarter size classical guitar is a perfect choice for children who are embarking on their journey to learn to play this beautiful instrument. Its compact body size is tailored to suit young learners, making it easier for them to handle and play comfortably with a range of colours.

One of its standout features is the exceptional value it offers at an entry-level price point. Despite being affordable, it doesn't compromise on quality or craftsmanship. This guitar is built with the same level of care and attention to detail as higher-end models, ensuring its reliability and consistent performance.

For young musicians, having a dependable instrument is crucial as it fosters confidence and encourages them to practice and explore their musical talents. The three-quarter size design strikes a balance between comfort and playability, allowing young players to grasp the fundamentals of classical guitar while gradually transitioning to full-size instruments as they grow and advance.

In summary, this three-quarter size classical guitar provides an excellent opportunity for young aspiring musicians to start their musical journey with a reliable, well-built instrument that won't break the bank. It's a valuable investment in their musical education and growth.

Encore Classic Guitars have enjoyed a market leading reputation for many years as the #1choice for student classical instruments. 
These easy-to-get-on-with guitars are the ideal way to begin learning the exciting skills of playing classical guitar, at any age.
Colour: Natural

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