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J. Michael 'Silver Plated' Trumpet Outfit

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The J Michael Silver-Plated Trumpet Outfit is a top-tier instrument designed to accompany students from initial grades to advanced levels. Boasting nickel silver tuning slides and an adjustable 3rd valve slide hook with a stop, this trumpet ensures precision and durability. The instrument's appealing design complements its excellent sound production, characterized by smooth valves and effortless playability.

Highlighted Features:

  • Silver Plated Finish: The trumpet features an elegant silver plated finish, not only enhancing its aesthetic appeal but also contributing to its durability.

  • Nickel Silver Tuning Slide: Equipped with nickel silver tuning slides, the trumpet ensures accurate tuning, allowing students to produce precise and consistent tones.

  • Removable Finger-Hook: The removable finger-hook adds a customizable element to the instrument, accommodating various playing preferences for enhanced comfort.

  • Bore Size: 11.70mm: The trumpet's bore size of 11.70mm contributes to its versatile sound profile, making it suitable for a wide range of musical styles.

  • Bell Size: 122mm: With a bell size of 122mm, this trumpet produces a resonant and well-projected sound that will meet the demands of both practice and performance.

  • ABS Moulded Hard Case: The outfit includes a durable ABS moulded hard case, providing optimal protection during transportation and storage.

In summary, the J Michael Silver-Plated Trumpet Outfit combines quality craftsmanship with thoughtful features, making it an ideal choice for students embarking on their musical journey.


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