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Kala KA-STG Tenor Ukulele

by Kala
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£244.00 - £244.00
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For centuries, spruce has stood as the preferred tonewood for instrument tops, and Kala proudly upholds this tradition with our range of Solid Spruce top instruments. This wood is an ideal selection for strummers seeking volume and a robust attack in their sound. The pristine appearance of spruce holds universal appeal, transcending age and geography, while its clean, bright, and focused tone effortlessly captures the attention of listeners worldwide.

Introducing the Tenor Ukulele featuring a Solid Spruce top paired with mahogany back and sides. This combination not only embodies the timeless elegance of spruce but also ensures a harmonious blend of warmth and clarity in the instrument's sound profile. Elevate your musical expression with the clean aesthetics and resonant tones of the Tenor Ukulele by Kala.

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