• Kawai GX7 Grand Piano


Kawai GX7 Grand Piano

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Kawai GX7 Grand Piano

The flagship model within Kawai's GX Series of Premium Grand Pianos combines state of the art technology with traditional design and workmanship, culminating in a rich, expressive tone, and a responsive touch usually only experienced by the very best concert pianists.

Expressive Touch

As well as incorporating Kawai’s ground-breaking Millennium III Action, the GX7’s key length has been increased considerably. The fulcrum distance is greater than in typical Grand Pianos, and as such the key pivot length is extended. In simpler terms, this keyboard allows for the most expressive control imaginable, whether you are playing at the very tip of the key, or towards the back. This consistent touch feels light, and extremely responsive, allowing for the slightest nuances in playing to be heard and felt.

Tonal Purity

The woods used in the production of the GX7 go through a rigorous selection process, with only the very finest being selected. For the soundboard, woods selected will generate the rich and deep bass tones as well as the resonance and sparkle in upper registers, whereas woods used for the bridges, ribs and even inner-rims are carefully considered before selection to ensure maximum durability and power.

Premium Grand Piano hammers are used in the production of the GX7, made with felts from the best Oceanian wool. The delicate, soft exterior allows for easy pianissimo playing, while the tough, rigid interior is saved for fortissimo playing, giving you the best of both worlds across a vast range of dynamics. The hammers are also under-felted, which adds resilience and also means the hammers can be voiced in a way that maximises the tonal output of the instrument.

Long-Lasting Durability

Improvement to the overall rigidity of the GX7 thanks to an increased thickness in the wooden beam connected to the outer rim gives the piano a more immersive sound, along with exceptional tensile strength, supporting even the most expressive playing with ease. The strength of the carbon steel tuning pins also means the piano has excellent tuning stability.

Other Features

  • Duplex Scaling, Enhancing the harmonics in the middle and upper registers and depth to the overall sound
  • Premium Neotex Coating on black and white keys – this absorbs moisture and enhances touch control
  • Multi-angle prop lid
  • Kawai's Soft Fall System
  • Dimensions of the Kawai GX7

  • Depth 229cm
  • Width 157cm
  • Height 102cm
  • Free Kawai Acoustic Piano Delivery

    We offer free delivery of Kawai Acoustic pianos to England addresses (ground floor, easy access). Deliveries involving stairs or tricky turns may still be possible, but may incur charges to cover the additional lifting equipment or manpower necessary to safely deliver the piano to your home. We can even take away your old piano for you free of charge if required.

    Complimentary First Piano Tuning

    All brand new Kawai grand pianos are tuned as part of their preparation process; however, for peace of mind and to ensure you are completely satisfied with your new instrument, we include the first tuning in your home free of charge. Once your brand new Kawai is delivered, and after allowing the piano plenty of time to adjust to its new environment (usually within 4-6 weeks), you can give us a call to arrange a complimentary tuning. As well as tuning your piano, the tuner will be able to attend to any technical issues which may have occurred due to temperature or humidity changes during the piano’s settling-in period.


    All Kawai Acoustic Grand Pianos come with a 5 year labour warranty, and extended parts warranty of 10 years. The warranty is on-site, meaning an engineer will come to your home in the unlikely case of any repairs needing to be carried out on your piano. Tuning and general maintenance/servicing are not covered by warranty.

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