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Kawai K300 Aures Hybrid Upright Piano

by Kawai
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Introducing the brand new Kawai K300 Aures hybrid upright piano. The Kawai K300 Aures piano is an identical instrument to the Kawai K300 premium acoustic upright piano but has the additional benefit of the built-in Aures Hybrid Technology, as well as the functionality for silent practice.

This fantastic new piano has been fitted with the cutting edge resonance system, which uses the soundboard of the upright piano to deliver high-quality audio without adding external speakers. The K300 Aures also features the same digital technology which feature in the popular Kawai digital pianos. 

What is Aures? 

The name Aures means the blending of AUDIO and RESONANCE. This unique soundboard technology has been developed in collaboration with Japan's leading premium audio manufacturers, Onkyo, and incorporates newly-designed high performance transducer parts. 

The 'digital' piano sound can also be heard through built-in transducer speakers which are attached to the piano soundboard. This unique technology creates a vibrant, lively sound using the natural wood material of the piano. The digital piano sound engine can be mixed with the traditional sound of the acoustic piano to create sound layers never before heard from an acoustic instrument.

Other Features Of The Kawai K300 Aures Piano


  • Dual-beam aluminium HAMMER rail
  • Die-cast aluminium brackets
  • ABS-Carbon flange & serrated rail surface
  • Steel, machine-threaded tuning pins
  • Strong, balanced back assembly
  • Energy-reflecting contour bars
  • Tapered soundboard made of solid spruce
  • Wide 1 metre long music desk
  • Cast brass pedals
  • 5 inch LCD touch screen 
  • Bluetooth
  • Soundboard system with 4 transducers 

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