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Percussion Workshop 14" Gong

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Immerse yourself in the resonant harmonies of the 14" Brass Suspended Gong, a captivating percussion instrument that transcends auditory boundaries. This gong, skillfully mounted on a high C gong stand, creates a striking visual and sonic presence. Crafted with precision, the gong is supplied with a rubber mallet for a versatile range of tones.

The 14" brass gong boasts the inclusion of traditional 'Tai Loi' Chinese symbols, adding cultural depth to its aesthetic appeal. As you strike the gong, the symbols come to life, resonating with ancient significance. This instrument is more than a musical tool; it's a gateway to a rich cultural tradition.

Ideal for both musical performances and decorative purposes, the 14" Brass Suspended Gong delivers a deep, reverberating sound that captures the essence of traditional Chinese percussion. Elevate your sonic landscape and visual ambiance with this meticulously crafted brass gong, an embodiment of both musical and cultural heritage.

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