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Second Hand Fender 1976 Starcaster Electric Guitar

by Fender
Original price £3,999.00 - Original price £3,999.00
Original price
£3,999.00 - £3,999.00
Current price £3,999.00

Fender Starcasters are often overlooked and cast in the large shadow of the more famous Fender models but the limited production of this series has left them very sought after in todays market by both collectors and musicians alike. Now trusted by huge influences like Johnny Greenwood of Radiohead among others, they provide timeless USA quality and snapshot of Fenders era of expansion and experimentation in defining eras for music. This particular model from 1982 marks the year of discontinuation for the Starcaster, making this one of the last ever made. It is in good condition with some minor reflections of its impressive age. Warm, detailed and expressive, they simply do not make them like this anymore.

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