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Ritmuller RS-125 Acoustic Piano

Original price £5,599.00 - Original price £5,599.00
Original price
£5,599.00 - £5,599.00
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Introducing a masterfully crafted piano adorned with elegant Silver Hardware, meticulously designed to captivate both eyes and ears. This exceptional instrument boasts an array of premium features, making it a distinguished choice for discerning musicians.

The piano's heartstrings are woven from the finest German Röslau wire, while the resonant Copper Wound Bass Strings lend depth and richness to its tone. Pearl River Hammers, enhanced with a Mahogany Core and reinforced with German White Felt, strike a harmonious balance, ensuring precision and expressive dynamics.

At its core, an All Spruce Soundboard resonates with unrivaled clarity, bringing to life a symphony of notes that enchant the senses. A Slow Fallboard adds a touch of sophistication, while Ebony Sharps provide a luxurious feel to the keys.

Powered by the Pearl River Action, this piano offers a responsive touch that inspires virtuosic performances. With dimensions of Height: 49.25", Width: 60", Depth: 25", and a weight of 573.25 LBS, it stands as a testament to both artistry and engineering, promising an exceptional musical journey for pianists and enthusiasts alike.

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