• Primavera 200 Cello Outfit
  • Primavera 200 Cello Outfit
  • Primavera 200 Cello Outfit


Primavera 200 Cello Outfit



The Primavera 200 Cello is recognised as the outstanding instrument in its class. Not only beautifully crafted but also offering a powerful tone & projection. The pegs can be re-shaped for continued tuning stability whilst the fingerboard can be planed back to new. The 200 cello is, arguably, the market leader for the school rental sector because it is built for lasting performance.

Size Range 4/4 7/8 3/4 1/2 1/4 1/8
Length (mm) 755 720 691 653 584 530
Bag 11mm padded cover with pockets, back pack fittings & reflective ‘Be Seen, Be Safe’ high-vis styling
Bow Black composite
Cello Body
Hand carved maple & spruce with inlaid purfling.
Bridge Fitted Maple Despiau
Fingerboard Ebony
Pegs Ebony Swiss
Topnut Ebony
Metal alloy with adjuster

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